A 5,000% Return on Investment Opportunity?

Our objective is to make TransparentBusiness synonymous with the categories of Business Transparency and Remote Workforce Management.

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Overview of TransparentBusiness

Yandiki - our TaaS subsidiary

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Summary about TransparentBusiness

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Global Private Offering

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Overview of TransparentBusiness

Yandiki - our TaaS subsidiary

Available from ADP

Summary about TransparentBusiness

Unicorn Hunters Show

Global Private Offering

Returns on investment in some Internet companies have been in the hundreds of thousands of percentage points.

  • Market Opportunity

    Pre-IPO financing can result in a ROI up to 30,000,000% but, until recently, it was largely closed to individual investors. VC funds used to be the primary beneficiaries of successful IPOs. TransparentBusiness is democratizing access to pre-IPO investment opportunities, featuring the most scalable emerging growth companies on its Unicorn Hunters show, watched by millions of people around the world, including high net-worth individuals and active investors. Global Private Offerings facilitated by our show are expected to raise $20M-$300M, propelling many of the featured companies towards a “unicorn” exit with TransparentBusiness as a significant shareholder.

  • Business Model

    Launched as a SaaS businesses in the Remote Workforce Management category, TransparentBusiness is now transitioning to becoming a unicorn-minting factory. Our UNICORNS subsidiary takes equity stakes in the companies featured on our show. Currently, the fee is set at 5% of their equity, but we expect this number to increase to 10% by 2022. By cost-effectively developing a diversified portfolio of equity positions in numerous emerging growth companies we expect to outperform traditional venture capital funds. Identifying “the next Zoom” would result in up to $16B earnings on the stock we received as a 10% fee.

  • Efficiencies

    Our UNICORNS subsidiary acquires equity stakes in emerging growth companies for roughly 5% of what VC funds would have to pay for the same equity stakes. Further, TransparentBusiness expects to have access to the best pre-IPO opportunities by becoming the most-watched business show in the world.

  • Traction

    TransparentBusiness’ Unicorn Hunters show has received extensive international media acclaim and has been watched by millions of prospective investors. Four major TV networks – CNBC, HBO, CBS, and NBC - have expressed interest in broadcasting Unicorn Hunters show.

  • Competition

    “Competition is for losers”. TransparentBusiness identified a new market niche not yet dominated by any company and seeks to convert its first-mover advantage into creating the primary brand in the pre-IPO crowd financing category. Shows like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den cannot be considered competitors as they do not allow for audience participation.

  • Valuation

    We are in the process of completing the Final Round of our Global Private Offering at $3/share (approximate valuation: $2.4B).

  • Exit

    TransparentBusiness is in the process of becoming a public reporting companyunder the SEC rules and plans to become publicly traded company in December of 2021, with the objective of exceeding the $58B valuation achieved by Robinhood. Our current round of financing is limited to $53M, at $3 per share and it’s the final round during which we plan to keep our pre-IPO stock open to individual investors. The minimum investment is $6,000; the maximum permitted per individual - one million dollars.

  • Our Investors

    We’ve raised over $40M in our previous rounds and we plan on going public at the end of this year. Our investors include current and former executives of Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Stifel, Bank of America, Barclays Global Investors, UBS, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Trust Company of the West, Deutsche Bank, CA Technologies, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Accenture. See our Private Placement Memorandum for the description of the terms and risks.

How our $50M target compares with funds raised by other companies

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Andrew WinnChief Financial Officer
Ron PortellSr. Vice President
Richard DevlinGeneral Counsel
Thiago N. FelippeVice President
Portuguese, English
Alejandro LeanezVice President
Spanish, English
Jessica DeanInvestor Relations Officer
Corey HoDirector of Investor Relations
Chinese, Japanese, English
Ekaterina KupriyanovaInvestor Relations Manager
Russian, English

Our Fundraising History and Objectives

RoundSizePriceShares millionValuationCumulativeStatus
1$2M$1-8 c80$25M$2MCompleted
4b$6M$3.002$2.4B$50.5Mending Aug 20
5$10M$5.002.5$4B$60.5MAug 23 - Sep
Institutional$50M$5.0020$4B$110.5MOct - Nov 2021
Going public on NASDAQDec 2021

Our Stock Price History: a 30,000+% Growth

Board of Directors

  • Alex Konanykhin

    “Mr. Konanykhin was a whiz-kid physics student who became a pioneering Russian capitalist in early 1990s, building a banking and investment empire valued at an estimated $300 million all by his mid-20s.“ In 1992, Alex defected to the United States and was granted political asylum for opposing corruption.

    Alex Konanykhin

    Founder & CEO

  • Silvina Moschini

    An award-winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker and author, Silvina Moschini, has established herself as one of the foremost experts on the digital economy. She is an LinkedIn Influencer, a regular contributor to CNN and a subject of countless articles in the news media worldwide.

    Silvina Moschini

    Founder & President

  • Moe Vela

    Moises V. “Moe” Vela, Jr. is a lawyer and the first Hispanic to serve in two senior executive roles in the White House, first as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor in the Office of Vice President Al Gore, and later as Director of Administration for Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States.

    Moe Vela

    Chief Transparency Officer

  • Andrew Winn

    “Andrew is one of the best Investor Relations executives I have worked with in my career. He clearly understands all the complications and nuances of financing and has led a very successful fundraising effort for TransparentBusiness, a company with a complex business model...”, - Billy Kenny, Director Of Communications at ByteDance.

    Andrew Winn

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Frédéric Garcia

    Experienced C-Executive with a consolidated background in the aerospace/defense industry and government contracts in Latin America. Strong experience in Strategic Planning, Strategy Negotiation, Business Planning, Governmental Affairs, Engineering, and Business Development.

    Frédéric Garcia


Public Recognition

  • Recognition

    Silvina Moschini, a co-founder and the President of TransparentBusiness, with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. TransparentBusiness is a technology partner of Facebook.

  • Recognition

    TransparentBusiness team is working on making transparent verification of billable hours the new standard of public procurement. Such transparency will save billions of dollars to taxpayers, by protecting public funds from overbilling by contractors, see our AvoidOverbilling.com.

  • Recognition

    Senator Jim Nielson and Assemblymember Ken Cooley presented Alex Konanykhin CEO of TransparentBusiness, the California State Senate Certificate of Recognition for Economic Development





Global private offering

Volume Discounts

SharesDiscountPriceROI increase
250 - 2,5000%$4.00-
2,501 - 12,5005%$3.805%
12,501 - 25,00010%$3.6011%
25,001 - 100,0000%$3.4018%
100,001 - 250,00020%$3.2025%